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Choosing a Pet Door Size

Petway Pet Doors are available in 3 sizes:


The Flap Opening Dimensions are: 240mm (9½") high x 190mm (7½") wide
This is suitable for all size cats and small to medium size dogs


The Flap Opening Dimensions are: 305mm (12") high x 225mm (9") wide
This is suitable for medium size dogs


The Flap Opening Dimensions are: 400mm (15¾") high x 260mm (10¼") wide
This is suitable for large size dogs

We suggest the best way to see which size Petway Pet Door is suitable for your pet is to cut the dimensions of the flap opening out
of a piece of cardboard and see which size your pet is most comfortable going through. Please remember Petway Pet Doors are
used for convenience whilst you are at home.

IMPORTANT: The Petway® pet door may increase risk of theft or damage by an intruder or unwanted animal.
The product is not to be fitted on any doors leading to a swimming pool. Petway® Access Doors and their agents
will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by fitting and using their product.


If you have any questions please contact us

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